To Stand Before The Child


And inside a lonesome life there's always something bright

and I've got to see this one right through


Cuz since I found a man I've never known to stand

so very far away from you


And when the rain will fall there's only time to call

out just to stand before the child

And she's got a lonesome face full of the eyes that chase

all of the boys around the room


And if only lives would last there'd be some more to pass

drinks down and right around this room


And with the turnin' time I've got the fire's inline

and now I know's what I'm to do


And if I'm to be the one with all these things to've done

I'd gladly take the place of you


There's lands inside of me I want to see

And there's lands inside of you I want to do


And he's got these lovely eyes full of a face that smiles